Ministries & Churches


Cornell is big. It’s the biggest Ivy League school with something like 15,000 students who call Ithaca home for 9 months out of the year. There are Christian groups and churches on campus and off campus that love Jesus and are passionate about telling others about Him. These groups and churches work together as different parts of the body of Christ to make Him known. Below is a few of them:

Campus Fellowships

Asian-American InterVarsity (AAIV)

Large Group: Friday 7:15 PM
Location: RPCC Auditorium

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Large Group: Tuesday 6:30 PM
Location: RPCC 220

Chinese Bible Study (CBS)

Large Group: Friday 7:00 PM
Location: Goldwin Smith Hall 132

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Cornell Chinese Christian Fellowship (CCCF)

Large Group (In Mandarin): Fridays 6:45 PM
Location: 429 Mitchel Street (FICCC)


Cornell International Christian Fellowship (CICF)

Large Group: Friday 7:30 PM
Location: Bethel Grove Ministry Center
Contact: Kristy Perano

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Cristian Union

Large Group: Wednesday 7:30 PM
Location: RPCC Auditorium

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Large Group: Friday 7:30 PM
Location: Uris Hall Auditorium

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Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Large Group: Thursday 8:00 PM
Location: Cornell Hall of Fame Room, Friends Hall (Schoellkopf)

Graduate Chrsitian Fellowship

Graduate Christian Fellowship (GCF)

Bible Study: 7:30 PM
Location: TBD
Contact: Rebecca Gerdes ( or Dean Da Vee (


Latino Christian Community(LCC)

Large Group: Friday 8:00 PM
Location: Cornell House of Prayer (CHOP)
536 Thurston Ave (Across from Risley)


Campus Ministries


The Cornell Claritas is an ecumenical, interdenominational Christian publication that was founded on the hope of starting thoughtful Christian conversations within the academic community. Through our journal, blog, and events, we seek to articulate and connect the truth of Christ to every person and every study.

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Chesterton House — A Center for Christian Study at Cornell

Location: 115 and 111 The Knoll

Chesterton House exists to facilitate the discovery of the intellectual riches of the historic Christian faith, thereby empowering more faithful Christian living. Chesterton House owns a large residential facility for men (Chesterton House) and rents facilities for women (Sophia House).

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Cornell House of Prayer (CHOP)

The vision for the Cornell House of Prayer is to establish God’s Presence at Cornell and to unify the Body of Christ on campus though prayer and worship.

Times: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM Daily
Location: 536 Thurston Ave (Across from Risley)


Cornell Worship Workshop

Worship Workshop offers opportunity for students to deepen their connection with God through music. Our goal is to raise up, train, equip and release worshipers to serve God and His church.



Measureless is a christian a cappella group on campus. Measureless’ mission is to use music as a medium to reach Cornell, that everyone might hear, discover, and receive the love of God.



Veritas Forum at Cornell engages students and faculty in a discussion about some of life’s most difficult questions. Veritas Forum seeks to organize large forums, discussion groups, and other campus-wide events to make dialogue exchange possible.

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Bethany Christian Church

Time: Sunday 10:30 AM
Location:Goldwin Smith Hall 132

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Bethel Grove

Location: 1763 Slaterville Road
First Service: Sunday 9:00 AM
Pickup Times: RPCC, 8:15; West, 8:23; Collegetown, 8:30
Second Service: Sunday 11:00 AM
Pickup Times: RPCC, 10:09; Risley: 10:15; West, 10:10; Collegetown, 10:15

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Bread of Life Anglican Church

Location: Community School for Music and Arts, 3rd Floor Hall.
330 East State Street, Ithaca NY, 14850.
Service: Sunday 10:00 AM
Rides: Contact Cole Riley (412) 225-7178


Calvary Baptist Church

Time: Sunday 11:00 AM
Location: 507 N. Albany Avenue
Pickup Times: North, 10:15 (RPCC); West, 10:25; Collegetown, 10:35 (Schwartz)

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Calvary Chapel

Time: Sunday 10:15 AM
Location: 1462 Slaterville Road
Rides: Contact Cleo Tsang


Christ Chapel

Time: Sunday 10:30 AM
Location: 160 Graham Road
Pickup Times: TCAT Bus Route 70 Collegetown Crossing, 9:55; West, 9:58
Rides: Email


Emmaus Road (KCCE)

Time: Sunday 10:30 AM
Location: One World Room, Anabel Taylor Hall

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First Ithaca Chinese Christian Church

Time: Sundays 9:45 AM
Location: 429 Mitchel Street
Pickup Times: North, 9:25 AM (Donlon Circle); West, 9:30 AM; Collegetown, 9:33 AM (Schwartz)


Ithaca First Assembly of God

Time: Sunday 10:00 AM
Location: 197 Bostwick Road
Pickup Times: North, 9:15 AM (Donlon Circle); West, 9:25 AM; Collegetown, 9:35 AM (Schwartz)

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New Life Presbyterian Church

Time: Sunday 9:30 AM
Location: 120 E. Green St (Cinemapolis)
Pickup Times: TCAT Bus Route 72 RPCC, 9:03 (Townhouse side); West, 9:09; Collegetown, 9:13 (Schwartz)

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Reach Out for Christ

Time: Sunday 10:15 AM
Location: 318 Johnson Road Freeville, NY
Pickup Times: Collegetown (Schwartz) 9:30; North (Risley) 9:40; North (RPCC) 9:50
Rides: Please text (607) 220-9172 for info on rides to church. Our rides include Cornell and Ithaca College!

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Tabernacle Baptist Church

Time: Sunday 9:30 AM (College Bible Study), 10:45 AM (Worship Service)
Location: 1019 N. Cayuga St
Pickup Times: North, 9:00 AM (Donlon Circle); West, 9:15 AM; Collegetown, 9:15 AM (Eddy Gate Apartments Parking Lot)

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Vineyard Church of Ithaca

Time: Sunday 10 AM
Location: 23 Cinema Drive
Pickup Times: Collegetown, 9:30 AM (Schwartz); West, 9:35 AM (Baker Flagpole);
North, 9:40 (Balch), 9:45 AM (RPCC)
OR: TCAT Route 70 Drops off near CFCU at the Corner of Sheraton and Triphammer at 9:55, walk to Vineyard from there (around 5 minute walk)
OR: TCAT Route 72 Drops off on Cinema Drive at 9:20 or 10:20

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