Christmas Parties

The end of classes is just around the corner! (insert exclamations of joy and happiness here) To celebrate, a TON of fellowships are having Christmas parties this upcoming weekend! Go to one, two, or all of them! (though you may need a time turner to do the latter)

LCC (Latino Bible Study)
When?: 12/1 @7 PM
Where?: Latino Living Center Main Lounge (Anna Comstock Hall)
Wear: casual attire

CCF (Catholic Fellowship)
When?: 12/2 @6 PM
Where?: WSH 414
Wear: casual attire

CBS (Chinese Bible Study)
When?: 12/2 @6 PM
Where?: First Ithaca Chinese Church
Wear: Semi-formal attire, or as mysterious Clue board game characters

AAIV (Asian America Intervarsity)
When?: 12/2 @7 PM
Where?: WSH Memorial Room
Wear: semi-formal attire

When?: 12/3 @6 PM
Where?: Vineyard Church
Wear: semi-formal attire

Christian Union
When?: 12/3 @8 PM
Where?: Agava Restaurant
Wear: semi-formal attire